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    The results are in. You can view them under Tournament Central or by clicking here
    by Published on 10-17-2016 10:05 PM

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Bass anglers hoping for a spot in the 2017 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens tournaments will soon be able to apply, B.A.S.S. announced today. Registration opens for members of the B.A.S.S. Nation and Lifetime members of B.A.S.S. beginning on November 8.

    New this year in registration for the Opens is the ability of pro anglers to “link” with co-anglers during online signup. Like other pro-am events, Opens participation is limited to an equal number of anglers and co-anglers. By “linking” or ensuring the participation of a co-angler, anglers can improve their odds of getting into the tournaments.

    Link to Press Release
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    Alan Daniels, Backlashers of Kansas City, recalls...

    "On the second day of the 2016 Missouri State Championships at Lake of the Ozarks, on October 16, 2016 it was a beautiful day, highs were in the mid 80’s and people were out enjoying the day getting some final cleanup work done in their yards and docks. I was fishing with Jeff Sell of the Leavenworth Bass Club on a long stretch of docks just off the main channel, I had just put my second keeper in the boat as we were talking to a gentleman whom working on his boat before he had to winterize it. When I heard someone crying, as I was looking around to find out where this was coming from, I had noticed a lady, possibly in her mid 60’s, in the water. She was fully clothed and seemed to be struggling, I told Jeff that I think this woman is hurt and can’t get back on her dock. We threw the rods on the deck, yelled at the gentleman working on his boat that his neighbor is hurt and sped her way with the trolling motor on high, as she was only 3 docks away."

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    Article Preview

    The Smithville Bassmasters recently held the Fifth Annual Daniel Palmer Memorial Classic Open Buddy Bass Tournament on Smithville Lake.

    This special tournament is a way for the Smithville Bassmasters to remember Army Specialist Daniel Alan Palmer, son of club member and former club president, ...
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    Courtesy of Jon Stewart, Director, B.A.S.S. Nation

    Hi Everyone,

    I know you have been patiently waiting for the dates and location of the regionals. I will have housing and weigh in location info soon and I ask that you at least wait a few days before booking your teams hotels. We are working closely with a couple of hosts and we promised them we would get you host housing info and that some of you would stay there…... I am just waiting on a couple of details.

    Also, last year was a transitional year. We allowed 2-3 states that had trouble filling their teams from their state qualifier tournaments, to fill with board members, regular etc… this year we will not allow this. You must fill your teams from tournament competitors that fished your state qualifying tournaments to include events such as Mr. Bass or Trail winners. If your team is not filled through these avenues, your team will be short. I don’t think this is a huge issue but just wanted to be up front about it.

    Well here are two of the three regionals…..

    Central – Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, MO, April 5-7

    Western – Lake Shasta, Redding, CA, April 19-21 (College Western will run concurrently, with those anglers (20 boats or so) going out Last each day, weighing in last on the same stage)
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    Congratulations to Colt Love for being the recipient of the 2016/2017 Bradley Brooks Moore Scholarship!

    Colt has been a longtime member of the St Louis Area Bassmasters Juniors and has helped at many events including State Championships; working the event and helping me on stage several times. ...
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    Thanks to all that came out for the tournament this morning. We ended up with 43 boats and the tournament went off very smooth.

    1st place - Rick Fishback/Shaun Holly
    Weight 14.45 lbs

    2nd Place - Terry Bradley
    Weight 13.15 lbs

    3rd Place - Alan Daniels/ James Zieger Jr.
    Weight 12.70 lbs

    4th Place - Scott Hill/Brandon Hill
    Weight 12.40 lbs

    Big Bass - JD Dendy/Chris Selsor
    4.45 lbs

    (complete results will be posted as soon as they are available)
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    The meeting in the morning is in Warsaw not at Pomme. The tournament Sunday is at Pomme.
    We get the ambulance District building free.
    It is only 45 minutes to Pomme from there.
    There is no tournament Saturday after the meeting. ...
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    Published on 09-14-2016 12:47 AM

    Jim Zieger writes...

    Yes we will be set up outside the marina office and will take off from the marina. Launch your boat,fill out envelope and pay ramp fee and coming to the marina office.

    The entry fee is still only $100 per boat which includes Big Bass.

    Take off will be off the end dock at 6:00 am or Safe-light.
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    Better late than never!

    ...from June 23, 2016
    Source: Bassmaster.com

    Columbia, Mo.—The Mexico Bassmasters club helped the local Bass Pro Shops store hold a high school bass tournament June 12 at the store’s pond.

    The first Columbia Bass Pro Shops High School Invitational pitted Helias High School against Southern Boone County High in a two-hour tournament. Columbia Bass Pro Shops manager David Smith said the event was a show of support by the company and his store for high school bass fishing. “We had two schools [Southern Boone and Helias] that for the last year participated with us to help promote the activity in their schools, and because of their participation, we invited them to this invitational tournament,” Smith said.

    Full Article
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    **Everyone is in the Big Bass pot for the fee paid unless you opt out. In that case the individual entry fee is $10 less.

    Team Entry Form

    Individual Entry Form ...
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    Larry Stoafer of Leavenworth Bass Club writes...

    The Leavenworth Bass Club is hosting the 8th annual Fishing for Freedom Event on Truman Lake over Columbus Day Weekend. This event is a celebration of freedom with the folks that ensure it's preserved, military service members, GWOT veterans, and wounded warriors. The weekend culminates with a no entry fee buddy bass tournament where we pair volunteer boaters with these American heroes. Please check out our website for additional details. http://fishingforfreedom.us

    We are still in need of 25-30 volunteer boaters for this years event.

    Please pass this information and our website along to your members. We do all event registration through the website http://fishingforfreedom.us/join-us
    Please help us not leave any of these warriors at the dock