You don't have to search very long to read about the twister that hit Joplin, Missouri late Sunday (5.22) night.



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    MOBASS extends its thoughts and prayers to those affected
    Published on 05-16-2011 06:43 AM

    The deadline is here for clubs wanting to order Missouri shirts for their use. So far I have the following clubs that have sent orders to me.
    If your club name is not noted and you still want to order please contact me right away. The order will be placed by the end of the week.

    Wapello County BASS Club
    Mark Twain Bassmasters
    Table Rock Bassmasters
    Billings Bassmasters
    Lost Creek Bass Club
    Whiteman Bassmasters
    Central Missouri Bassmasters
    Raytown Bass Club
    Pleasant Hill Bassmasters
    KC Junior Bassmasters

    Jim Zieger
    Published on 05-14-2011 09:52 PM

    Its happening June 5th on Truman Lake.

    Currently there are 8 boats and 16 anglers - if you're not one of those 16 - you need should be! Get registered now


    Current Entries
    Published on 05-04-2011 02:15 PM

    Hey everyone, Travis Hauser, your MOBASS webmaster here with some big news from Plano

    Some of you are aware Plano makes top of the line fishing products but they are also a BIG sponsor for the BASS. Plano has drawn up an agreement with the state federations to help promote tournaments and in turn, help promote Plano while at said tournaments.

    What does this mean for you?
    Plano has agreed to supply state federations with its products to be used as tournament prizes, and discounts on Plano product to federation members.
    In turn, Plano has asked we include their logo on the main page of the website (check!), prominently display Plano banners at tournaments (check!) and actively promote Plano's Facebook link.

    facebook? What's a facebook? And why isn't the "f" capitalized?
    For those of you new to Facebook I have included a link below to their “Getting Started” section. This will walk you through how to set up an account and explain the basics of Facebook:

    Here's the direct link to Plano’s Facebook fan page once you get setup.

    So if you are facebook-savvy, please "Like" Plano from your account and help promote their product. If you catch fish using Plano equipment, or have great things to say about Plano product - make sure to post about it on their page. Its not a requirement for you to do so but Plano has made a commitment to offering sponsorship to the federation and they're asking for feedback, and cross-promotion on our part.

    In other words, if you can, please do!

    Oh and if you're wondering why the "f" in facebook isn't capitalized - its because they didn't want it to! They wanted to be different and if you've been involved with LinkedIn, MySpace, or other social-networking websites, you'll agree...facebook is certainly ...different!
    Published on 04-24-2011 10:31 AM

    CELEBRATION, Fla. - B.A.S.S. LLC has acquired JM Associates, one of the nation's oldest and largest outdoor programming production companies, B.A.S.S. announced today.

    JM Associates was founded by Jerry McKinnis, one of three private investors - along with Don Logan and Jim Copeland - who purchased B.A.S.S.
    from ESPN in November 2010. The group bought JM from Atlanta-based CSE, which has owned it since 2007.

    A pioneer in outdoor television, JM Associates has produced The Bassmasters television show for ESPN for 10 years, receiving an Emmy nomination for the show in 2008. Its roots date back to 1963, when McKinnis launched his first television fishing show on a local television station in Little Rock, Ark. It produced McKinnis' program, The Fishin'
    Hole, which debuted on ESPN in 1981, as well as most other "Outdoor Block"
    programming on the network for the past three decades.

    "Having JM Associates as part of the family will make the B.A.S.S. media operations completely seamless. It will enable us to expand our media in every direction, and even beyond freshwater fishing," said McKinnis.
    "We're especially excited about opportunities to create compelling programming from a treasure of video archives."

    "JM and B.A.S.S. will be a good fit; one that I believe will benefit the sportfishing industry in many ways," said Lonnie Cooper, founder and chief executive officer of CSE, a full-service agency dedicated to working with a wide range of clients in sports and entertainment. "CSE and JM Associates will remain strategic partners as our companies continue to work together on existing and future projects."

    In addition to producing B.A.S.S.'s flagship television show for ESPN2 and Outdoor Channel, JM Associates provides coverage of the Bassmaster Elite Series, the Bassmaster Classic and other professional events on www.bassmaster.com.

    The company produces numerous other outdoor shows, including Spanish Fly, Zona's Awesome Fishing Show, Madfin Shark Series, STIHL(r) TIMBERSPORTS(r) Series, College Bass and The Saltwater Series.
    Published on 04-18-2011 09:32 PM

    Article coming soon, but here's the
    Full Results
    Published on 04-18-2011 08:25 PM

    I would like to welcome the Hillsboro Youth Fishing Team to the Missouri Federation. The following boys have joined the Bassmaster ranks.

    Cole Luby - Club President
    Justin Lewis - Vice President
    Ryan Craft - Secretary
    Luke Allison
    Kaleb Lewis
    Jacob Lewis
    Like McKinney
    Logan Daugherty
    Tyler Salisbury
    David Salisbury
    Trent Luby
    Logan Craft
    Hunter Voyles
    Haden Voyles
    Chris Lampe
    Jacob Goode
    Chase Cayor
    Steven Schneider
    Clayton Jones

    John Lewis Adult Sponsor

    I look forward to a great year of fishing.

    Gil Kauffmann
    Youth Director

    The Missouri B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Shirt will be available to purchase on a group order until May 15th, 2011. After that clubs can order shirts as needed at a higher price.

    Checks need to be made out to MOBASS and mailed in with the order form to Jim Zieger no later than May 15th to receive the group discounted price.

    Attached is the order form, explanation letter and shirt proof to view.

    State Sponsors will be on the front of the jersey and the Alliance sponsors will be on the back with anglers last name.

    Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Shirt Design
    Explanation Letter
    Order Form
    Published on 04-11-2011 06:18 PM

    The 2011 Spring Fling was held on Pomme de Terre Lake on Sunday April 10th. This year's event was a benefit
    tournament for the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). There were 51 boats entered in the tournament. The
    lake conditions were all but favorable to the field of anglers. Due to winter concrete pouring to repair the spillway on
    the lake the lake level was 16 feet above normal pool. Combined with 30-40 m.p.h. winds and gusting the fishing was
    extremely challenging...

    Full Press Release

    Complete Standings

    Results by final Place

    Congratulations to the following winners in this years MO BASS Raffle.

    There were 2635 tickets sold and all of the money went to the clubs that sold the tickets.

    The top club was the Mark Twain Bassmasters with 271 tickets sold.

    Roger Edwards Trolling Motor
    David Smith Mercury Prop
    Dan Woods Lowrance Hand Held GPS

    New State Sponsor St. Croix has been added (check em out!)

    Updated the 2011 Spring Fling Current Entries. Currently at 27 boats - the more the better!