• COVID 19 UPDATE - Jon Stewart


    We are in unprecedented, difficult, daily and/or hourly changing times. We are all “learning” as we go along. As you are aware, to this point, B.A.S.S. has postponed five (5) events including a College, Nation, Open and two Elites. We strongly encourage you to do the same with your Adult State Qualifying events, high school, college, junior and club events. Please keep in mind that as long as you have that B.A.S.S. Shield attached to your events, what you do on the state and club level reflects on B.A.S.S.

    As my email last week concerning insurance stated, as long as you adhere to the requirements of the CDC, federal, state and local governments the insurance is still applicable. It’s important that all groups act in a prudent and reasonable manner.

    The latest from the white house and the CDC can be found in the link below. It lists things like avoiding gatherings of 10 or more people, avoiding discretionary travel, eating at restaurants etc….


    The bottom line is we want you and your members to be safe and feel safe and not feel like they must attend to qualify for advancement. You know that anglers are going to fish if we allow them to. We/you are not going to please everyone. Make sure you are being prudent and reasonable and doing your part to stop the spread of COVID 19.

    Stay Safe!

    Jon Stewart
    Director, B.A.S.S. Nation
    Office – 205-313-0940
    Cell – 407-557-0126
    [email protected]
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