• Life Saving Heroics on Lake of the Ozarks during State Championship

    Alan Daniels, Backlashers of Kansas City, recalls...

    "On the second day of the 2016 Missouri State Championships at Lake of the Ozarks, on October 16, 2016 it was a beautiful day, highs were in the mid 80ís and people were out enjoying the day getting some final cleanup work done in their yards and docks. I was fishing with Jeff Sell of the Leavenworth Bass Club on a long stretch of docks just off the main channel, I had just put my second keeper in the boat as we were talking to a gentleman whom working on his boat before he had to winterize it. When I heard someone crying, as I was looking around to find out where this was coming from, I had noticed a lady, possibly in her mid 60ís, in the water. She was fully clothed and seemed to be struggling, I told Jeff that I think this woman is hurt and canít get back on her dock. We threw the rods on the deck, yelled at the gentleman working on his boat that his neighbor is hurt and sped her way with the trolling motor on high, as she was only 3 docks away."

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