• Bassmaster High School Announcement

    Good Afternoon Youth Directors,

    We have a couple of exciting announcements from the High School ranks going out today.

    We have increased the opportunities for our High School anglers to make it to the championship.

    You will still need to qualify your top two teams as you have been doing. That will remain the same.

    Here are the new things.
    - Bassmaster High School Opens
    - Affiliated High School Team Trails

    We are expanding our High School schedule from 1 to 3 Opens for 2015. These will be one-day tournaments run by us. We are doing these in conjunction with existing High School tournaments. These are open to any affiliated teams who want to come and participate.
    The first one will be Feb. 14 on Lake Martin. We are partnering with Alabama BASS Nation & Eddie Plemmons with a HS tournament already scheduled and we are coming in and running an Open on this date.
    There are National Championship berths up for grabs at these Opens. The incentive will run like this:
    With tournament fields up to 50 boats, the top 5 teams will advance to the National Championship.
    For every 10 boats over 50 we will increase the berths by one. 100 boats = 10 berths. 150 boats = 15 berths, etc. Field sizes are unlimited.

    Next we have the Team Trail option. This is low hanging fruit for each state. Basically meaning you don’t have to do anything, let these guys run their trails and they will affiliate with your state.
    This is very simple, the trails have to be affiliated with BASS High School Nation and affiliated with a State Nation. Then they have to run a trail that is 4 or more tournaments. At the end of their season for every 25 unique teams they had fish in their trail will equal one Championship berth. Examples 25 teams = 1 berth. 75 teams= 3 berths, etc…
    By the trails affiliating with us, they are agreeing to operate by our bylaws and requirements.

    We want to still make your state champions the premier High School events in your states, these other options are there as additional opportunities. We have attached a flyer for you to use at your discretion.

    We will discuss a lot of this next week. As well as other business.

    Have a great day and travel safely to Monroe.


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