• Central Divisional 2014

    The Central Divisional for 2014 was held June 4 to 6 at Lake Eufaula at Eufaula, Oklahoma. The team consisted of Boaters: Rick Carroll, Charles Bogard, Charles Bonnett, Mark Wiese, Jr., Ray Hillebrand, and Nate Maher; Non-boaters: Greg Voss, Mike Brooks, Greg Cooper, Mick Maples, Brandon Orton, and Kris Schroeder; Alternate: Bill Williams; Team Captain: John Blankenbeker; High School team members: Bryce Soske , Kaleb Lenhart and boat captain Gary Soske. The tournament started with two days of practice and a banquet on Tuesday evening.

    Wednesday the fishing started in earnest. Oklahoma led after the first day and maintained their lead throughout the tournament. Missouri came in sixth that day. Mark Wiese, Jr. led Missouri the first day with an overall tournament place of third.

    Thursday was more tough fishing. Mark held on to the lead for Missouri and maintained his third place spot overall. The high school team also had a tough start on their first day of tournament fishing.

    The final day, Friday, saw the Missouri team showing their true potential, however it proved to be not enough and they finished in eighth place overall. Josh Wray from Oklahoma led the tournament and finished with a weight of 41 lbs. 5 oz. Our high school team did bring 4 lbs 12 oz to the scale which contributed to the teams overall weight of 181 lbs 7 oz. Kaleb and Bryce were both a tribute to Missouri youth and presented themselves well throughout the tournament. And finally, congratulations to Mark Wiese, Jr. who was able to maintain his lead for Missouri and finished fifth overall with a weight of 35 lbs. 3 oz. Mark will go on to represent Missouri at the B.A.S.S. Federation Nationals at Monroe, Louisiana November 5 to 8, 2014.

    The whole team would like to thank the Missouri B.A.S.S. Federation, The B.A.S.S. Federation, and all of the sponsors for their support. The team had rooms at the Lakeview Landing in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Lakeview Landing was very fisherman friendly with plenty of space for the boats and electrical hookups. It had a great area for our Wednesday and Thursday night barbeques. Overall it was a good week. Again thank you to all and congratulations to Mark Wiese, Jr.
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