• Governor Nixon Vetoes Captive Cervid Bills SB 506 and HB 1326

    Governor Nixon announced his vetoes of SB 506 and HB 1326 at the historic Tiger Hotel on Tuesday. More than 150 Missouri conservationists packed the same room the Conservation Federation of Missouri was founded in 79 years ago. The capacity crowd roared with applause when the Governor announced his vetoes.

    Governor Nixon stated the reclassification of "wildlife" to "livestock" would violate the Missouri Constitution. He said, "White-tailed deer are wildlife, and they are also a game animal. Putting them behind a fence does not change that fact."

    CFM applauds Governor Nixon's strong support of conservation. Although the Governor was crystal clear on his message that deer are not livestock, vetoing these bills was not an easy decision. In an obvious political ploy by legislative supporters of the deer breeding and high-fenced hunting lobby, the captive cervid legislation was attached to the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act of 2014.

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