• Berkley BCI awards for 2010 are still available

    From Noreen Clough - B.A.S.S. LLC - Conservation Director

    There will be a $2000 cash award for the best conservation project for 2010. A similar call for nominations will go out to BFN Presidents for nominations for the $1500 (gear) award for the best angler recruitment/retention project.

    There will also be an article in B.A.S.S. Times and on the Bassmaster.com Conservation link to increase visibility of this awards program.

    These awards are normally made during the Classic, this year they will be made at the BFN National Championship.

    Although the nominations do not need to be extremely detailed, they must address at a minimum each of the 4 criteria below. Descriptions should be fairly robust and complete, including photos as appropriate, to clearly demonstrate why they are potentially "award winning."

    Deadline for submission is July 1, 2001. Projects must be submitted by email, to me, and I will forward on to the Berkley judges for consideration.

    The criteria for the best BFN Conservation project are:

    1. Scope of project. How significant is this project? Will it affect many people/communities or just a local lake? Will it affect things for many years to come or will the benefits be short term. Will this project set an example that will be picked up by others? Obviously the projects with the most reach and longevity will be judged more significant.

    2. Partners. Was this project a partnership with other key organizations or was it done solely by BFN members…and perhaps only a few. Past winners involved the local community, the Department of Natural Resources, local schools/universities, other fishing clubs/conservation organizations etc. The more partners, the better in terms of judging. More partners allow projects to have more significance than those that are done in the short term with just a few people.

    3. Creativity. Is this a new concept or simply cleaning up the local boat ramp? Creative new ideas get extra credit for setting examples that can be picked up by others, particularly when we publicize the awards in B.A.S.S. Times, Bassmaster magazine and on Bassmaster.com . We want to inspire others to pick up more challenging and creative projects that have more significance.

    4. Timing. A project will be judged based on what was done in 2010. However, some projects maybe multi-year projects and have significance beyond what was done in 2010. So be sure to project long-term results for those that will have lasting or repeated impacts. However, a longer term project will still be judged by what was done in 2010. Be advised however -- sometimes BCI gets projects that were winners in past years with a small postscript…”Oh, and we did that again in 2010.” Such an entry would not get much priority compared with a major project initiated in 2010.

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact Noreen

    Noreen K. Clough
    Conservation Director
    B.A.S.S. LLC
    [email protected]
    O: 407-566-2373
    C: 334-590-2617
    1170 Celebration Blvd, Suite 200
    Celebration, FL 34747
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